"The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them. Dreams don't work unless you take action." Roy T Bennett

Have more time

The wealthiest people in the world understand that trading time for money,
does not get you very far.

However if you can do something once and get paid time and time again, that makes more sense. Think of authors and musicians. They write a book once or write a song and every time someone buys the book or every time the music is played, a small income is paid to them. Now you don’t have to be an author or musician to get paid like them. Think what you were doing 10 years ago and asking your boss at that time, that you would like to paid every month for the work you just completed, so you can now have more free time to do the things you want when you want as you have an automatic income coming in. Most people would laugh at you, but not with us.

Which amount of money would help you the most?



Do you refuse to accept this is all there is to your life, the feeling of ground hog day. The feeling of get up, travel to work, work on someone else’s dream for 8 hours a day, travel home, eat, sleep and then repeat it all again for 48 weeks in a year and do this for 48 years.

What if you could break out of the mould, do something different that gave you more flexibility, more time when you wanted it and spend it with the people important in your life. More and more people realise that the traditional way of thinking no longer works in the 21st Century. Job security has gone, fabulous pensions have gone, so all the rewards have gone from the traditional way of working, so why continue down that road, there is another way.

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    which amount of money would help you the most

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